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What type of professional should I choose?

The first thing to know is the difference between psychiatrists, psychologists, and licensed professional counselors.

Psychiatrists (MD)

Psychiatrists are licensed medical doctors who can prescribe medication. They have completed training in a psychiatric residency program and have a medical degree. They may provide therapy, but most focus on medication management (some do both)

Psychologists (PhD)

Psychologists are not medical doctors and cannot prescribe medication. They have completed a doctoral program as well as supervised, post-doctoral experience. They normally provide therapy and diagnostic testing.

Licensed Professional Counselors (PhD/MA LPC)

LPCs are not medical doctors and cannot prescribe medication. They have completed either a doctoral or a master’s level program, as well as a supervised, post-graduate internship. They provide counseling or therapy to individuals, couples, and sometimes families or groups.

How long will my sessions last and how long will therapy take?

Most sessions are 45-60 minutes, depending on a few factors. The number of sessions a person may attend counseling varies from patient to patient. I have seen issues be addressed in only a handful of sessions, and others that take months or years. After we meet for a couple of sessions, the length of counseling should become more clear.

What is the cost of each session? Do you take insurance?

For patients paying privately, I have a sliding scale. I also accept many insurance plans. Feel free to call 281-624-5770 or e-mail me at HeathFergusonLPC@gmail.com to discuss your options.